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She Told You So: In the Aftermath of the Rabin Assassination

Published in The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

Letter to KC Chronicle

For the last two years, my wife, Shoula Horing, and others have been criticizing the so called peace process with the Palestinians as seriously flawed and dangerous, and predicting that terrorism will become a daily event in the heart of Israel. Sadly, my wife ‘s predictions , printed in this very newspaper, has come true as four separate terrorist attacks in 10 days have left scores of Israelis dead and hundreds injured.

Many people on the right have been vilified as “enemies of peace”, and some were viciously accused of helping to incite the Rabin assassination. When Shoula Horing spoke at Kehilath Israel synagogue against the Rabin government ‘s policies, some of its members wrote letters of anger to the Rabbi for even letting her speak. After few of my wife’s columns were published in the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, the paper decided not to publish anymore, in spite of the fact that she was one of the few who dared to voice an opinion against the peace agreement and was informed and knowledgeable enough to write about the subject.

It seems that Shoula Horing’s ideas anger a lot of self – righteous Kansas City Jews with leftist points of view who speak highly of freedom of speech as long as the speaker agrees with them. It would seem that , since the Oslo agreement , and particularly after the Rabin assassination, it has become politically incorrect to criticize the peace process. My wife has parents, five brothers and sisters and numerous other relatives in Israel. She and others believe that peace is only possible through an agreement that guarantees Israel’s strength and security. In light of recent events, Shoula Horing, could easily say” I told you

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so”, but she is not the type to do . However, I hold no such conviction.

If the current Israeli government and its policies are not changed , the carnage that we have seen in the recent days is only the beginning.

(Shoula’ articles were not published by the KC Jewish Chronicle for the following 3 years after the Rabin assassination)