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Stop the witch-hunt against Netanyahu

Until the current election campaign and the daily vicious, personal attacks against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, I think I never really gauged the media and center-left camp’s cruelty, or their recklessness in regard to the security and safety of Israel and the Jewish people.

I never realized how low they are willing to descend to have an Israel without Netanyahu and to replace him with Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog as US President Barack Obama’s and the Europeans’ weak and obedient poodles.

In the same week that it was reported that the West was making too many concessions in the negotiations that will establish jihadist Iran as a threshold nuclear state with less than a one year breakout time, the left is obsessing with Netanyahu and his wife’s alleged overspending.

In the same week that the International Atomic Energy Agency expressed concerns that Iran is hiding possible military elements of its nuclear program, the media only talks about Netanyahu’s recycled bottles and his spending on furniture and food while hosting world leaders and dignitaries.

In the same week that the Labor Party’s Herzog told the Washington Post that he “trusts US president Obama to reach a good deal on Iran” and declined to call a potentially nuclear Iran “an existential threat” to Israel, the media has been calling for a police investigation of Netanyahu over nothing.

The media is silent about the fact that one week before Netanyahu’s speech to the Congress about Iran, Herzog decided to undermine and publicly contradict his own prime minister by saying that a nuclear Iran is only “a big threat. That’s enough.”

Seventy-five years after the Holocaust, an Israeli leader, in the tradition of Neville Chamberlain, is again underestimating evil and its spoken promises that it intends to wipe the Jewish state off the map, while the media concentrates instead on Netanyahu’s so-called “corruption” for choosing not to welcome world leaders in a dingy, rundown, tiny house with worn out furniture and no food or alcohol.

Islamic evil similar to Nazism is rising and spreading in the Middle East and the media, and Herzog and Livni are keeping their heads in the sand. They are telling us that they will consider dividing Jerusalem and withdraw from the West Bank, in the same week Jews were being victimized again at a synagogue in Copenhagen, a four-year-old Israeli girl died from injuries she suffered in a Palestinian terrorist attack and a Jewish man was stabbed.

These are scary times for Israel. The elections in Israel should be about issues and the future vision the candidates have for the country. The elections should be about who is the most experienced and competent leader to defend Israel’s interests and guarantee its survival.

Jews do not have another country besides Israel and they need to have a strong Jewish state as a safe haven, especially when anti-Semitism is on the rise everywhere.

Israel exists in the dangerous Middle East where the perception of power is the true power. The only leader left that Israel’s enemies fear is Netanyahu. They all know that he is the only one who can resist Obama’s pressures in the next two years to prevent a threshold nuclear Iran and another Hamastan with Islamic jihadists in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Netanyahu does not deserve character assassination and baseless accusations after choosing to dedicate his life to serving Israel instead of his own personal interests. He Joined the IDF during the Six-Day War in 1967 and became a team leader in Sayeret Matkal, an elite special forces unit. He took part in many missions fighting terrorists and led a commando unit assault deep in Syrian territory. He was wounded twice in combat. He has been the UN ambassador and the foreign minister and has been tirelessly defending Israel on American TV for over 30 years.

He has become the most recognizable Israeli leader in the US and its most effective advocate and the Americans seem to embrace him as one of their own. A Gallup poll just taken in February, 2015 found that 70% of Americans perceive Israel favorably and 62% say they sympathize more with the Israelis than the Palestinians, despite the recent friction between Obama and Netanyahu and the leftist media‘s doomsday warnings about US- Israeli relations.

Moreover, Netanyahu as finance minister revived and restored a stagnate, and uncertain Israeli economy during Yasser Arafat’s war of terror by moving toward a more liberalized and free market economy, and encouraging investment in research and high tech.

If Netanyahu was corrupt or greedy he would have stayed in private business like his ex-co-worker Mitt Romney. In the 1970s, Romney attended business school at Harvard while Netanyahu attended MIT. After graduating near the top of their classes, they both ended up in the Boston Consulting Group. But after two years, while Romney proceeded to private consulting and accumulated more than $250 million in wealth, Netanyahu chose instead to return back to Israel to serve his country. Do you really think that such a man would or need to “steal” money from his country for his personal needs?

Every Western leader lives in splendor and wealth despite the conditions of their national economy. Despite a continuing recession and stagnant personal income for the last six years, President Obama resides in the White House and his spending on state dinners while hosting foreign leaders reportedly has been soaring.

Despite a 10% unemployment rate in France, the president lives in the Élysée Palace.

Moreover, if the media is not politically motivated, why it is ignoring the same State Comptroller report which found that President Peres’ spending exceeded the budget for his presidential residence an average of NIS 18 million shekels annually over four years?

The media and the left-center camp have done enough to assassinate and undermine the prime minister of the only Jewish state. Have they no sense of decency, at long last?

The media and the center-left politicians have seen fit to bring out gutter politics, and if there is God in heaven, it will do neither them nor their cause any good, and they will be soundly defeated in the coming elections by Israeli voters.