Stop the witch-hunt against Netanyahu

Until the current election campaign and the daily vicious, personal attacks against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, I think I never really gauged the media and center-left camp’s cruelty, or their recklessness in regard to the security and safety of Israel and the Jewish people.

Americans support Netanyahu and Israel

Polls in the United States show that not only does the American public overwhelmingly support Israel, but that their opinions are more aligned with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s stand on Iran and radical Islam than with those of US President Barack Obama.

Left's shameless attacks on Netanyahu

It seems that the left-wing Israeli media and opposition parties have decided that the only way they can defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming elections is through personal attacks to humiliate and ridicule him, as well as by fear mongering the Israeli public by arguing that his so-called offensive and embarrassing behavior will...
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American voters' message to Obama and Iran

American voters should be warned that the continuance of a Democratic-controlled Senate led by Harry Reid will guarantee that Iran will end up being the first Islamist jihadist state with a nuclear weapon. Only a Republican-controlled Senate and House of Representatives will be able to stop President Barack Obama from capitulating to the Iranians and...
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