Born and raised in Israel, Shoula is an attorney, university lecturer, radio show host, opinion columnist and national public speaker who has lived in the United states since 1980.

For the last 19 years, Shoula has written many opinion columns concerning Israel and the Middle East which have been published in many newspapers, magazines and online media . For the last two years Shoula has had opinion articles published online in Ynetnews, the most popular Israeli newspaper. Her opinions have also been published in USA Today,The Kansas City Star, The Jewish Press, The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, The National Liberty Journal, Christians for Israel Journal, Camera, and other Jewish and online journals.

For the last 11 years, since September 18, 2001, Shoula has been a national speaker for the United Jewish Communities speaking at over 100 Jewish communities in the US and Canada, as well as educating and raising funds and donations for local Jewish federations and the Israeli emergency fund campaign. She has been a keynote speaker at many rallies for Israel. Since 2005, she has been a national speaker for JNF educating about Israel and the “Negev Blueprint’ to flourish the desert. In addition she has been raising funds to send to JNF’s summer camps for Israeli children from northern Israel and Sderot who live under the threat of rockets.

For 10 years, she was the host of a weekly radio show called ”Oh Jerusalem”, which aired on KCXL in Kansas City, Missouri. On the show she discussed political and cultural issues concerning Israel and the Middle East. She has interviewed many distinguished guests including Prime Ministers Yitzhak Shamir, and Ehud Olmert, Mr. Bassiouni, ex Egyptian Ambassador to Israel, Walter Rodgers, ex- CNN Bureau Chief Correspondent in Jerusalem, Sam Brownback, Kansas US senator, Kit Bond, Missouri US Senator, former US Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich and former Senate Majority Leader, Trent Lott.

In February,2009, Shoula came early to Israel to campaign and vote for the election of the Likud candidate for Prime, Minister Bibi Netanyahu, and was interviewed on Israeli TV Channel Two prime news hour for her dedication to Israel.

As a child, Shoula’s parents took her to political rallies for then “ Herut” leader, Menachem Begin. When she was 20 , she gave a speech about the peace treaty between Israel with Egypt, at the party’s convention, in front of then Prime Minster Menachem Begin and thousands of other delegates and was elected to be a member of the “Herut” Central Committee.

Shoula ‘s father, Abraham Romano, was born in 1927, in Damascus, Syria and grew up in Beirut, Lebanon under the French Mandate. In 1942, when Shoula’s father was 15 years old, he crossed the border from Lebanon to pre- Israel to help build a Jewish home but when he was caught by the British for illegal immigration, he was forced to join the British Palestinian police in order to stay in the land. For 2 years, he helped to protect the Jewish Yishuv when in 1944 he joined the Jewish Brigade in the British Army as an explosives expert and was sent to fight the Nazis in Italy in 1944- 45. The Jewish Brigade consisted of 5,000 Jewish volunteers from British Mandate Palestine who were sent to Europe to fight the German army and after the war assisted Jewish war refugees in Belgium and Holland.

After seeing the horrors his fellow Jews had suffered in the concentration camps, Shoula’s father returned back to pre- Israel in 1946 and joined the Irgun, the Jewish underground under the command of Menachem Begin, to force the British out of Palestine and establish an independent Jewish state. He was one of the first fighters to conquer Jaffa. In 1948, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces.

Shoula’s father ‘s uncle, Joseph Romano, was the leader of the Jewish Community in the Damascus Jewish Getto, from 1948 until his death in 1976. He was not allowed to leave Syria under the Assad regime. Shoula’s paternal grandfather, Shlomo Romano, spent several months in jail when he was involved in publicly calling for the overthrow of the pro Nazi- Vichi government in Syria and Lebanon during World War II.

Shoula’s mother, Zipora Ben Yefet, is a Yemenite Jew, who was born in Direi Dawa, Ethiopia . after her family left Ta’aiz, Yemen in 1920 during a famine . They left Ethiopia in 1936 when Benito Mussolini conquered Ethiopia and moved to British controlled Israel. Shoula’s uncle, Shlomo Ben Yafet, was one of the students of Dr. Yaacov Patlovitz, who taught Hebrew and Judaism to the “ Beit Israel’ Jews in Gondar, Ethiopia. He died in 1972 in Ethiopia fulfilling his mission to teach and help bring the Jews of Ethiopia to Israel .

In 1993, after witnessing the signing ceremony of the Oslo Agreement at the White House, Shoula began her political activism on behalf of Israel.

Shoula has been a relentless and outspoken critic of the Oslo Agreement and its dangers since its inception as well as the hurried Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza. She has been warning of the dangerous buildup of the Hezbollah and Hamas terrorist infrastructure and their missiles arsenal in southern Lebanon and Gaza .

She has worked tirelessly to educate the American public about the campaign of anti-Jewish and anti Israeli hatred and incitement to violence in the Palestinian and Arab media. She has exposed the anti Israel bias in the American media especially in the reporting of news organizations such as CNN.

Now Shoula is warning about the Arab spring and the rise of the new radical crescent of the Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey to Egypt and Syria. Therefore, Shoula has been against further Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria and the establishment of an Arab- Palestinian state during this unstable Middle East. Instead, she advocates the continuous presence of Israeli defense forces in the West Bank, Judea and Samaria and the dismantling of the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas in Gaza. In addition, she advocates the re-taking of the Philadelphia Corridor and other areas as well as the creation of a buffer zone between Israel and Gaza.

Shoula believes that the strategic objective of Israel should be to ensure the long term survival of Israel by strengthening its military power, and rejecting delusional peace agreements which include compromising its strategic territorial assets. Shoula believes that peace is not possible between Israel and its Arab Palestinians until a new generation of Palestinians will rise who are not “brain washed” with hatred to Jews and the state of Israel and the glorification of death and “martyrdom“.

Now Shoula is warning of the urgent need to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons of mass destruction and of the dangers of continuous negotiation with Iran and a policy of containment of the nuclear program.

Shoula has been teaching Business Law, Constitutional, Contracts Law, International law and Employment Law to MBA and undergraduate students at Baker University and the Webster University.